Musings Part 2 – Look to the Future

OK, All right! It truly is time to look to the future. It’s time to quit being in a funk. The election 2016 is long over.

The new Cabinet appointments are almost complete. I’m sure that the U.S. Senate will have a series of well publicized hearings.

It’s impossible to have regime change without a lot of hot air and hoopla.;That’s before the Senate majority rubber stamps the appointments.

The interesting parts will be the questions thrown at the incoming Cabinet appointees. A lot of concern is already being raised about the numbers of Cabinet designees that have close ties to Russia and /or the Oil industry.

Especially Ex-Governor Perry of Texas being nominated as Secretary of Energy. I wonder what the effect on renewables will be during the next 4 Trump years.

As you know, solar and wind energy have made great strides in both capacity and cost. Will the favorable tax incentives go away so as to increase use of fossil fuels and oil company profits? I wonder?

It will be interesting to watch how the newbies will handle their lack of civilian governmental experience. The civil service doesn’t jump to the threat of “YOU’R FIRED.”

I’m afraid that governing of the Unites States is not a reality show or running a corporation. The majority in the Senate is only 54 to 46. It doesn’t take more than a few defections to make future political life very interesting indeed.

Trump will have the advantage of an economy that has already improved, an unemployment rate that is getting better and a vocal group of supporters that voted for him. That is vocal in the sense that they use social media very well.

So what can we as individuals do?

I plan to continue volunteering with the National Park Service. I’ll also keep a close eye on local and state developments and hope for the best.

I’m making a early New Years resolution to blog more often in the future. The analysis of the 2016 election has provided a wealth of subjects.

I invite all the readers to write-in suggestions for areas that I can research and comment on in this blog.

In the meantime, I would like to suggest that we all find ways to help our fellow citizens of this planet. Volunteer any spare time you may have and be sure to donate to your favorite charity.

Happy Holidays to all.

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  1. Yes, this unprecedented election has consumed many people. Moving on is a healthy choice. So on another topic, your volunteer work is atypical. You are fortunate to have found such a position. How did you find such an interesting volunteer opportunity? Do you have any suggestions for others wanting to research volunteer opportunities? Your insight and experience with volunteer work could be very helpful.

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