WHY??? – Election 2016

Why, The past

Why did I get caught up in the furor of the ranting and ravings of the presidential, way too long, election campaign?

Why did I waste so much time listening to pundits and reading polls that were so very wrong?

Why didn’t the scotch over ice make watching Tuesday night results more clear?

The Present

Reading the newspapers on Wednesday and yesterday morning gave me a headache with the conflicting results and the reasons for them.

After doing my half day stint as a volunteer for the National Park Service Thursday, I went home to contemplate.

I came to the conclusion that regardless of your glee or sorrow at the final election results, life will go on.

Here in Minnesota we can always say, “We survived 4 years of Jesse Ventura.”

Yes, the pro-wrestler, Navy Seal and larger than life personality, was a governor of Minnesota for 4 long years.

As with almost all political officeholders, there was some bad and some good and in the end, we survived.

The Future

What will the future bring over the short (4 year) term. That’s unknowable.

But, the earth will continue to turn and the sun will continue to rise in the east.

There will be change, some good and some bad, but things will always change.

What can you do.

So, what shall we do with our today and more important, tomorrow, next week and the next months.

All of us need to get busy working to make our country a better place to live for everyone.

Our kids and grandkids and the generations to come all deserve the best education, a clean healthy environment and bright future.

All people of earth deserve our respect and a helping hand when needed.

Those efforts can take many forms.

Donate time and money to your favorite charity.

Stretch a little and volunteer time and/or money to a new worthy cause.

So let’s each of us get busy to help make that brighter future come true.


You’r right, I am way behind on posting. Mea culpa.

See paragraph 1.

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