Go find your library card. Searching on the web will not get you all the materials that you may need for your projects.  Your local library has been serving the public for many years. It has evolved to provide today’s requirements for up-to-date materials and services for you.

Here in St. Paul, MN we are blessed with several world class library facilities for research. The first is the City of St. Paul Public Library System. The St. Paul Library has existed in one form or another since the late 1800’s.

The St. Paul Library system now consists of the Latimer Central library, 12 branch facilities and one bookmobile.

The library not only has a fine collection of both fiction and non-fiction books but has many collections of reference materials. And, yes, they really know the internet.

The library subscribes to a wide variety of commercial databases that otherwise are not available to the internet user. Some of these are available online, if you have a library card, and all are available at the library.

The wide range of services go well beyond the old lending library.

Most medium sized to large cities have libraries with similar services and materials available.

The following materials are taken directly from the St. Paul Library website. Go visit them at http://www.sppl.org/

St. Paul Public Library Stuff


A-ZAlphabetical listing of databases

Databases by SubjectDatabases and websites, listed by subject.

LearningLynda.com, Transparent Language Online, Learning Express Library

Homework HelpHomework help, online and at the library.

Magazines and JournalsAvailable online and at the library

NewspapersNewspapers available online and at the library.

Saint Paul CollectionDocumenting the history of the City of Saint Paul.

Special CollectionsAvailable at the

Government DocumentsU.S. Government information, online and at the library.

 You need to get out from behind your computer and trek to your local library. If you haven’t been there in several years, I think that you are in for a pleasant surprise.

Along with the stuff available shown above, the library has many services to help you and the kids (grandchildren).

St. Paul Public Library Services

  • AccessibilityAdaptive and assistive technology at the library. Building and event accomodation information.
  • ComputersPublic computers available at the library.
  • Copy, Scan, and Fax Services – Copiers, scanners, and fax available at the library.
  • Educator ServicesLibrary services for teachers and educators.
  • Interlibrary LoanBorrow items from other libraries in Minnesota.
  • Library CardsLibrary card registration information.
  • Meeting RoomsMeeting rooms available at many libraries.
  • Notary ServicesNotary Public services available at the library.
  • Reading Together – Mentoring program nurtures a child’s pleasure in reading while bolstering the skills needed to read at grade level.
  • smARTpass – Use your library card to get tickets to performances and museums.
  • Test DeliveryTest delivery (proctoring) services at the library.
  • Wi-FiWireless Internet access at the library.
  • WORKplaceConnect to job, career, and small business resources.


One of the smartest things that you can do when stuck in your research project is to consult your local librarian. They have been there and done that for countless people before you. As a taxpayer you are funding this great resource. Go visit and take your library card.


Next we will take a look at a very specialized library. The James J. Hill Center, a business reference library plus many other things as well.

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