FRAUDS AGAINST SENIORS – identity theft – Part 1

I found out about my own identity theft when the IRS notified me that someone had filed for my Federal tax refund before I did. Talk about a rude awakening. That was something that happened to other people, not me!

Going through that mess was something that I don’t want to repeat. Researching that situation has brought me to write this next series on “Frauds against Seniors.”

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11 Deep Web Search sites and Directories

How to find additional search sites and directories. There are many websites that serve as launching portals into the unindexed portion of the web. Looking back to where we learned about the invisible web, we found that most of the regular search engines cannot get information from the invisible web. It requires a different approach.

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As a bit of a respite from the nitty-gritty searching, I’d like to go through a group of operators I call “quick information shots.” These are fun, useful and usually single subject search operators.

One that stands out for me as an ex-international marketing type, is Flight information. That is available through working only in the search entry box. Just type in the three letter codes for the USA airports and Google returns the flight info.